Alternate Nasal Breathing and Its Impact on Your Health

Alternate Nasal Breathing and Its Impact on Your Health

Alternate nasal breathing, also known as nadi shodhana pranayama in Sanskrit, is a breathing technique that can help you in many different ways. It is done by inhaling through one nostril, exhaling through the other nostril and repeating the same procedure through the other nostril. * We’ll discuss some of its benefits and how they can help make a noticeable difference in your life.


Lowers Heart Rate-One study was conducted over eight sessions with alternative nasal breathing practiced at breathing with one breath per minute. The study showed that there was a decrease of breathing frequency after the exercise versus the state before the exercise. * Although more studies need to be done in order to accurately assess how helpful alternative nasal breathing can be, this is a very promising insight into its potential.


Can Help To Reduce Stress-Alternate nasal breathing can potentially reduce stress. One study found that in the group that was practicing alternate nasal breathing compared to a group who wasn’t, the group that was practicing it had lower stress levels. *


Can Help to Improve Your Lung Quality-Practicing alternate nasal breathing can have positive impacts on your overall lung function. A study which included a group of swimmers concluded that yogic breathing practices (including alternate nasal breathing) for 30 min a day along with routine physical exercises for five days a week, decreases airway resistance, increases respiratory muscle endurance, and number of strokes per breath, possibly, through better autonomic reactivity, oxygen diffusion and reduced anxiety in competitive swimmers. *


From reduced stress levels to improved lung function, alternate nasal breathing can greatly increase your overall health by doing it on a regular basis. Try incorporating it into your daily routine by practicing it for five minutes in the mornings and evenings, or whenever you feel stressed or need to focus more. As always, please consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your dietary, exercise, and/or medical regimen.



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