Methods to help Limit your Child’s Screen Time

Methods to help Limit your Child’s Screen Time

In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to go a day without using some form of electronic device whether it be for business or entertainment purposes. Counting all media outlets, 8-18-year-olds devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes to using entertainment media across a typical day.* Children who watch too much TV carry a higher risk of obesity, are more likely to display aggressive behavior and have less energy.* Here are some no-nonsense methods designed to directly limit your child’s screen time.


Be your Child’s Parent more than Their Friend-Although this step is usually easier said than done, it is your job to encourage healthy behaviors and limit unhealthy ones and sometimes this means making unpopular decisions.* Not only should you make the tough decisions, but also explain why you made the decision.


Be more Involved with your Children’s Lives-Whether it be hearing more about what went on in their day or volunteering to be a chaperone on one of their field trips, actively showing your child you genuinely care about them will make them more likely to want to do activities with you that do not involve TV or electronics in general.


Pay Closer Attention to your Child’s Behavior-Too much screen time, whether it be watching TV or playing video games, will have some form of an impact on your child’s behavior.* Playing violent video games for example can lead to an increase in your child’s aggression. Keeping a watchful eye on subtle nuances in your child’s behavior is an important tactic in ensuring they aren’t spending too much time in front of a screen.


In conclusion, although children have more access to electronic devices than ever before, there are ways that you can make sure they aren’t spending unhealthy amounts of screen time, especially some of the methods listed above.



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