Natural Antibiotics

Natural Antibiotics

Antibiotics play a pivotal role in killing or stopping the growth of bacteria in the body. However, some present day antibiotics such as penicillin not only kill harmful bacteria in the body, they also kill bacteria that helps us stay healthy. Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting are all potential side effects when people take certain antibiotics. Natural antibiotics on the other hand, have no side effects and some have been used for thousands of years. Here are a few examples of natural antibiotics and the benefits they can provide you with.


Black Garlic-Fermenting garlic converts allicin, the main healthy component of garlic, into a stable and potent antioxidant, S-Allyl-Cysteine (SAC). SAC has twice the antioxidant capacity and is proven to be absorbed better than allicin. Some benefits of SAC include strengthening the immune system, improvement of cardiovascular health, and assisting in regulating blood pressure.


Honey-Honey is one the oldest known antibiotics, dating back to ancient Egypt. Honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which is known for its ability to kill harmful bacteria. Further, honey’s low ph level assists in its ability to pull moisture away from bacteria, causing the bacteria to dry up and die.* To receive the benefits of honey as an antibiotic, you should apply it on the infected region or swallow apx. a tablespoon for internal issues.


Oregano Essential Oil- The main beneficial component of oregano essential oil is carvacrol, which initiates the healing process when inhaled. It also helps to reduce inflammation and gastric ulsers.*


These are only a few of the vast number of natural antibiotics that you can take without having to be concerned with any harmful side effects. See which one works best for you.



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