Natural care for Prostate Health

Natural care for Prostate Health

Being diagnosed with any form of cancer is a seriously life changing event. Prostate cancer, one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in men, typically grows at a slower pace and doesn’t spread beyond the prostate.* However, taking steps by implementing natural remedies before any cancer is formed is the most optimal form of treatment to begin with. Here are a few supplements you can start taking that can potentially help you prevent prostate cancer from forming.


Green Tea Extract-Evidence from human studies have shown that green tea compounds can help prevent prostate cancer.* A clinical trial demonstrated that green tea catechins were 90% effective in preventing prostate cancer in men with pre-malignant lesions.* No significant side effects or adverse reactions were reported.*


Pomegranate- Use of pomegranate juice, peel, and oil has been shown to possess anticancer activities, including interference with tumor cell proliferation, cell cycle, invasiveness, and angiogenesis.* There was a laboratory study in which researchers found that pomegranate extract increases effectiveness of a protein that promotes cancer cell death, while decreasing the effectiveness of a protein that inhibits cancer cell death.*


Ginger- A study reported in 2013 demonstrated that ginger phytochemicals work synergistically to inhibit the proliferation of human prostate cancer cells.* A 2012 study became the first report to clearly demonstrate the anticancer activity of orally taken, whole ginger extract for the therapeutic management of prostate cancer.*


These natural alternatives to help prevent the spread of prostate cancer serve as a means to potentially change your life for the better in terms of your health. With no side effects and inexpensive, they are worth trying to incorporate in your overall diet. As always, please seek the advice of your health care provider before starting or stopping any regiment you may currently be involved with.




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