Natural, Cost-Effective Methods on Reducing Your Alcohol Intake

Natural, Cost-Effective Methods on Reducing Your Alcohol Intake

Millions of people around the world, especially in the United States, make New Year’s resolutions wanting to change something in their life for the better and typically, this includes either cutting back on alcohol or stopping completely. However, this usually is easier said than done. Many times, this is the case due to people not exactly knowing how to cut back to begin with, let alone stopping altogether. Here are a few simple yet helpful hints that hopefully will boost your ability to cutback and/or abstain from alcohol usage.


Pacing Yourself-Sipping your drink slowly or having one drink per hour can be an effective means of cutting back.*


Make Sure to Eat-For some, eating reduces ones craving for alcohol. Eating a meal at the time you’d usually drink could help to curb your overall alcohol intake.*


Learn How to Say No-It is imperative that you not only say “no thanks” when someone offers you additional drinks, but to be firm about it. Make sure to not hesitate when declining a drink since the longer the timeframe in which you do not decline the offer means that the likelihood of you accepting the drink will increase.


Cutting back or stopping completely can be a very challenging feat to accomplish. Hopefully these tips can aid you if you’re trying to cut back or quit altogether. As always, please consult your healthcare provider when making any changes to your medical, exercise or dietary regimen.

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