Natural Remedies for Allergies

Natural Remedies for Allergies

Whether it be in the peak of summer when plants are at their prime or a carpet that’s had one too many dogs coming into contact with it, allergies can wreak havoc in a person’s life. The severity of allergies varies from person to person and can range from minor irritation to anaphylaxis-a potentially life-threatening emergency.* While most allergies can't be cured, natural, cost-effective treatments can help to decrease the severity of symptoms which we’ll look into further detail in this post.


Clean your Living Space-It may seem like common sense to vacuum and dust your residence on a regular basis, but changing the filters in your furnace and AC may be things you may overlook. In addition, changing pillow cases regularly can be a great way to prevent your allergies from getting out of hand, since allergens can spread from your hair to your pillow daily.*


Apple Cider Vinegar-Apple Cider Vinegar has long been known to boost the immune system, break up mucus and help drain the lymphatic system.* Experts recommend taking a few tablespoons per day with a glass of water up to three times per day.*


Fermented Turmeric-The severity of your allergies can potentially be elevated by toxins that you put in your body (alcohol, sugar, fried foods). Fermented turmeric has long been known for its wide variety of health benefits, most notably helping the body to naturally detoxify. Fermenting turmeric ensures that more curcuminoids, turmeric’s most potent component, are more apt to be absorbed in your bloodstream as opposed to taking turmeric in its natural state. Taking 745 mg of fermented turmeric in powdered form (sold on our website) is a recommended amount.


Feel free to see which methods work best for you when seeking relief from your allergy symptoms. As always, please consult your healthcare provider before stopping or starting any medications and/or supplements.,

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