Natural Remedies for Period Related Symptoms

Natural Remedies for Period Related Symptoms

Although there is a myriad of different remedies to help women ease the symptoms of their periods, many of these remedies aren’t natural and could have unpleasant side effects. Here are some healthy alternative methods specifically aimed at helping women achieve more comfort during their time of the month.



Ginger-Ginger helps to combat nausea and vomiting by slowing down the intestinal tract when its irritated. It also helps to decrease the body’s production of gas which in turn decreases bloating.* One tablespoon of ginger syrup is an ideal way to reap the benefits from this amazing herb.*



Chaste Tree Berry-Also known as Vitex, this herb is known to treat hormonal mood swings by decreasing the hormone production of prolactin.* In addition, Vitex also helps to regulate higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, making it a valuable source to help better stable moods during a woman’s period. Taking 240 mg of chaste tree berry orally daily is an ideal way to experience its effects.*



Red Raspberry Leaf-Used to treat heavy menstrual cramps and bleeding, red raspberry leaf contains fragrine which can help to relax the uterus.* This causes menstrual cramps to hurt less.* It also contains tannins that help strengthen the uterus and helps to stop heavy bleeding. Taking this in a tea form is the recommended way to ingest red raspberry leaf. The more severe the symptoms are during menstruation, the more red raspberry leaf tea you should drink (8-10 bags in hot water).*



In conclusion, these three natural methods of treating period-related symptoms can make a huge difference in your life. See which method works best for you and consult your healthcare provider if your symptoms are more severe than normal. As always, please consult your health care provider before making any changes to your diet and exercise regimen.



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