Telomere Lengthening and its Impact on Your Health

Telomere Lengthening and its Impact on Your Health

The aging process is a natural part of life. However, with the information available about a specific portion of the ends of chromosomes called telomeres, it may be much more possible to slow down the aging process. In sum, telomeres serve to protect your chromosomes from early onset diseases and deterioration in general.* Research has found that one’s lifestyle choices can greatly affect the overall condition of telomeres. For example, a sedentary lifestyle and excessive smoking and drinking can help to shorten telomeres, an action that happens when the telomeres themselves are deteriorating. Here are three useful lifestyle tips to help keep your telomeres from shortening.


Eat Foods that are Telomere Friendly-Foods that have an abundance of antioxidants (aged black garlic, blueberries, etc.) help to protect the body from oxidative stress. This in turn helps the telomeres stay at their optimal length, since oxidative stress is one of the main reasons why telomeres shorten to begin with.


Include Supplements in your Diet-There are certain supplements with antioxidants that are known to help assist in the body’s ability to combat oxidative stress, a huge factor in telomere shortening. Our own aged black garlic capsules contain the antioxidant s-alkyl-cysteine (SAC) which helps to offset oxidative stress. Further, supplements that contain N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) are helpful in helping the body create the antioxidant glutathione.*


Exercise Regularly-Research has shown that regular exercise can help to reduce oxidative stress. One study found that men in their 50s who were active runners had nearly the same telomere length as men in their 20s while men in their 50s who were sedentary had telomeres that were shorter by 40 percent.*



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