Thai Chi and Your Health

Thai Chi and Your Health

Thai Chi Chuan (Thai Chi for short), is a branch of Chinese martial arts whose origins can be traced back to the 17th century CE. * While doing Thai Chi, deep diaphragmatic breathing is intertwined with physical motions with the intent of achieving a balance of mind and body and to culminate the flow of internal energy, also known as qi. * There’s  an abundance of research that suggests Thai Chi has a significantly positive impact on several different aspects of ones health which we’ll discuss in further detail.



Dyslipidemia- Dyslipidemia, or abnormalities in blood lipid and lipoprotein, is a major risk factor of cardiovascular disease. *  In the United States, 26.0% of adults had hypercholesterolemia during the period from 1999 to 2006, and approximately 27% of adults had a triglyceride level ≥150 mg/dL during 2007 to 2010. * One study randomly assigned 88 patients to Tai Chi or sedentary control group. * After 12 weeks of classical Yang Tai Chi training, cholesterol, triglycerides , and  low-density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased by 15.2, 23.8, and 19.7 mg/dL, respectively, and High density lipoprotein increased by 4.7 mg/dl. * In short, practicing Thai Chi on a regular basis could help regulate your blood lipid levels. *




Psychological well being-Practicing Thai Chi on a regular basis could reduce tension, depression, and anxiety. * One review on the effect of Tai Chi on the psychological profile in 40 studies including 3817 subjects.* Twenty-one of 33 randomized and nonrandomized trials reported that regular practice of Tai Chi improved psychological well-being including reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression and enhanced mood. *




Multiple Sclerosis-Yet another example of the benefits of practicing Thai Chi on a regular basis is its positive effect it can have with people living with MS. In the United States a recently completed prevalence study, funded by the National MS Society, has estimated that nearly 1 million people over the age of 18 live with a diagnosis of MS. * One study reported that 19 patients with multiple sclerosis participated in an 8-week Tai Chi program. After training, walking speed increased in 21%, and hamstring flexibility increased in 28% *. The results may be attributed to the effect of neuromuscular facilitation during Tai Chi practice. *


The health benefits of making the practice of Thai Chi a routine in your life are extremely beneficial to your overall health. Although three benefits were listed in this blog, the practicing of Thai Chi can also lead to increased muscle strength, balance, aerobic capacity. * As always, please consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your exercise, dietary or medical regimen.



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