Ways to Decrease Sleep Apnea

Ways to Decrease Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea currently affects roughly 22 million Americans. * Although going to a doctor may be the best option for some, there are several treatments that can be done anywhere. Here’s a few of those treatments that can make a positive impact on how you sleep.


Decrease Alcohol Usage/Quit Smoking- Cutting back on alcohol consumption as well as quitting smoking can play a major role in increasing your airflow, thus decreasing symptoms of sleep apnea. Smoking can increase swelling in your upper airway, potentially aggravating symptoms associated with sleep apnea such as snoring and pauses in breathing. * Alcohol consumption decreases the muscle composition in the rear portion of your throat, potentially interfering with your air flow. *


Start a Better Sleep Routine-About half of people with sleep apnea experience most of their breathing problems while trying to sleep on their backs. * Attempting to sleep on your side or stomach is more ideal and can possibly make a huge impact in decreasing sleep apnea.


Lose Weight If Necessary-Losing weight in general can greatly decrease sleep apnea symptoms. About half of the people that have sleep apnea are obese. * excess body fat not only interferes with chest movement but also compresses the lungs to cause shallow, inefficient breathing throughout the day and night. *


These suggested tips on changing your lifestyle can significantly decrease the likelihood that your sleep apnea symptoms will be as severe if they’re implemented on a regular basis and not just as a passing fad. As always, please consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your dietary, exercise or medical regimen.


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