Why Abdominal Planks Are One of The Best Core Exercises

Why Abdominal Planks Are One of The Best Core Exercises

Out of all of the numerous abdominal exercises you can try, there are very few that are as effective in so many respects like abdominal planks. From providing a rigorous core workout in a relatively short period of time, to boosting your metabolism, planks provide a wide variety of benefits compared to other abdominal related workouts.


Engages All Major Core Muscle Groups- Unlike sit ups that target only a few muscle areas in the core region, planks target the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, oblique muscles and glutes.*


Helps to Increase the Metabolic Rate-Since planks target all of the core muscle groups, doing planks on a daily basis can help to boost your metabolic rate because you’ll be burning energy while sedentary compared to doing only sit ups or leg raises. *


Helps to Increase Flexibility-Besides heavily engaging the core, planks also stretch your posterior muscle groups such as your shoulders, shoulder blades, and hamstrings.*


When deciding on which core exercise you should be including your workouts or on a daily basis when you have any free time, abdominal planks can help you maintain or enhance your overall physical health in a myriad of ways. For additional information on different planks to engage in depending on your level of fitness, check out these recommendations from shape.com. As always, please consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your medical, exercise, or dietary regimen.


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