Fresh Water Algae

Fresh Water Algae

60 Capsules

At a glance

Chlorella is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll of any known plant. It helps detoxify the body by helping to remove arsenic and other heavy metals. Spirulina is recognized as one of the most nutrient diverse plants. It is naturally digestible, so the body effectively absorbs its nutrients.

When taken together, they provide phytonutrients such as omega fatty acids, nucleic acids and all essential amino acids.

• Helps detoxify the body
• Helps decrease harmful bacteria in the gut 
• Helps support healthy hormonal function
• Helps promote cardiovascular health

Organic chlorella powder, Organic spirulina powder, Organic guar gum, silicon dioxide, organic carnauba wax, organic rice extract, organic rice hulls, organic gum arabic, organic sunflower oil

Full Suplement Facts

Our closely monitored facilities ensures that you get the highest quality of Chlorella Spirulina. Our chlorella is grown with fossil spring water from protected nature reserves, which results in minimal traces of heavy metals. We use a low heat broken cell wall technology for our chlorella, which retains all of the nutritional benefits in a fully digestible capsule. The algae is then left out to oxidize,crushed into powdered form and encapsulated. Rigorous safety measures are applied to fully comply with GMP regulations.

The benefits of chlorella spirulina are as follows:

• Helps detoxify the body
• Helps decrease harmful bacteria in the gut
• Helps support healthy hormonal function
• Helps promote cardiovascular health

Our Difference

Although spirulina is fully digestible, clinical studies have shown that chlorella naturally cannot be fully absorbed. A process that breaks the cell wall of chlorella has been proven to enable the body’s ability to efficiently absorb it.

Why choose us

• Our chlorella is sustainably grown using fossil spring water from protected nature reserves
• Our chlorella uses a low heat cell wall technology which retains nutritional benefits and is fully digestible
• Routinely tested for melamine, toxins and heavy metals
• All natural ingredients with minimal processing
• Non-GMO / Gluten-free / Vegan
• Optimal 50/50 blend of chlorella spirulina

Our Promise

To prove how confident we are in our products we offer a 30 day risk-free policy. Purchase with the confidence that if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied we offer a 100% full refund.